frenchAs you can see from Emily’s website (,  she was a long time resident of France and is fluent in French and in English. She worked for the U.S. State Department as a French interpreter,  taught advanced placement French at the Millbrook School and has coached French in a number of situations. This can be seen in detail on her resume on her personal website.  Emily has also taught privately. If you would like to speak nothing but French, or nothing but English if you are coming from another country, in this bucolic setting, remember that you are only 2 hours from New York and 10 minutes from Hudson if you need a break.                                                              

You and Emily can decide together about the length of your stay.

Bed & Breakfast Rates…..Weekends $155 per night
Monday through Thursday….. $125 per night
Read more on Accommodations Page

Fee for immersion …..$250 per day
$50 non refundable at time of reservation, and full payment is expected at end of workshop.

There is a very friendly dog in Emily’s house, but far from the piano.

One week advance notice is required for rescheduling booking, no refund for cancellation. 

(518) 537-6048