Life Coaching

Lost and Found

Life Coaching, unlike psychotherapy, does not focus on your childhood nor on your pathology. Its focus is on your goals- we help you create goals if you’re at a loss, and to fulfill whatever goals you have or that you create in the course of this work. We do not tell you what to do. We facilitate a very simple but effective process by asking the right questions. The process, in a nutshell: Where am I now? Where do I want to be? What’s keeping me from getting there? What small action can I take, internally or externally, that is slightly outside of my comfort zone that will help me to fulfill my goals? The process focuses on concrete results, unlike therapy which often leaves us with great insight but not much else.
I have been trained to lead you to your own answers. I also trained for many years to be a psychoanalyst, and can better understand the resistances that come along and that get in your way.

We are all in constant transition. We are young, we are middle aged, we are elderly. Our children come and go. Our jobs, our interests come and go. Our needs change. Although we are urged to “go with the flow,” we often get stuck. My job as a Life Coach is to help you move forward and to create and fulfill your goals.

I have found my coaching work so far to be challenging and stimulating.

Session at my office or by phone – Free consultation, reasonable rates.

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